Business Coaching

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My work as a business coach evolved from the combination of my education, experience as a music manager (MA) and as a choir director. It marries the areas of choral singing and everyday business.

The awareness of being a part of a group, the choir, and developing harmonies together resembles many aspects of being part of a business team.
When you stand in front of a musical group you need a very specific skill-set that is similar to the skills needed to lead a team or a department.

When you work on stage it is important to monitor your body language, be aware of your audience and the effect you have upon them, and maximize your vocal potential. These same skills are necessary in the business arena when trying to successfully present a product to a potential customer.

Based on these and numerous other similarities, I have developed different coachings focusing on

  • team building
  • leadership management
  • pitching and self-promotion
    as well as,
  • motivation

These cores principals are adapted to each cutomer's specific needs and interests.


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