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References: (excerpt)

  • Klangwelten Festival Berlin
  • TOTAL CHORAL Festival Berlin
  • T-com-Germany
  • Goethe Institute, Berlin, Germany
  • Little Opera San Francisco
  • City College Bremerhaven, Germany
  • music. coaching: UCSF Vocal Chords, malebox (Berlin, D), VocaYou (Berlin,D) and others...



“A pleasure for ears and eyes to experience this young choir, directed by Bastian Holze. He leads the choir clearly, exactly and with the tiniest gestures by his exeptionally gifted hands.”


“He enjoys chords, intervals and a-cappella arrangements—so much so that he left his hometown and worked, studied, sang and made music in Bonn, Austria, New York, Munich and Berlin. He collects college degrees, performances and job titles, like others collect parking tickets.”
Oranienburger Anzeiger-newspaper


“The music teacher, Bastian Holze, who conducts the school choir as well as several choirs in Berlin had an extraordinary idea this year. [...] i.e. after the audition he combined a piano student with a clarinet student from a different class to perform a duet.”
Märkische Oderzeitung-newspaper


“As the last song, Holze presents ‘Born This Way’ from Lady Gaga in a four-part arrangement especially written by him for this choir.”


“One thing is certain: if you like music you shouldn‘t miss working with such a young versatile artist.”