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My company in Berlin, Germany:       

B vocal - the house of vocal art

The pop- and jazz choir festival in Berlin, Germany: 


My choirs:

B vocal - mongrooves
B vocal - New Day, world music choir

other B vocal Choirs:

Cherry on the cake
Ladies reCHOIRed


News Flash


Welcome to my homepage.

On this website you can find all information regarding my work as a choir director, workshop docent, business coach and musical performer.

You can just read through these pages to get to know me better, to find out about my upcoming events, to contact me or to glance through the media to see some of the projects I was involved in so far.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


Bastian Holze


Bastian's Tweets

bholze Gestern toller (Major-)Showcase von Alexandra Janzen auf der GRACE mit meinen Backing-Arrangements in ihren Songs. – begeistert
bholze So auf geht's zur Premiere vom Santa Maria Musical. Erst noch ein bisschen putzen und so wie's aussieht sing ich... https://t.co/cj3kgteEg6
bholze Wien, 1 Woche Niedersachsen, 1Auftritt in Potsdam, 1 Auftritt Berlin und wieder nach Wien. Wie war das doch... https://t.co/wIcZWUgbt6