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Musical Director

The term "musical director" describes several areas in which I aminvolved. It includes my work as a choir director, choir coach, workshop docent, arranger, composer and, of course, my directorial work in music productions.


Choir director:

For more than 10 years I conducted several choirs of different genres. From the time I received my degree as a professional choir director I specialized in the field of pop choirs. Because of this I founded Berlin’s first pop- and jazz-choir festival TOTAL CHORAL and started my own company B vocal – the house of vocal art together with Thomas Busch, my business partner, in 2009. At the moment I conduct three pop choirs of different levels.


Ensemble coaching:

As a choir coach I have worked with many choirs and a-cappella groups on many different levels. (Maybe, soon, I can work with yours.) During one-to-three day coaching sessions, I work on all the key aspects of popular choral singing. The focus of the coaching concentrates on vocal training, groove, choir choreography and stage presence -- whatever is important to the individual director.


Workshop docent:

During my workshops I teach different target groups that are not necessarily involved in a choir. The workshops cover a variety of topics including: groove, beatbox/vocal percussion, stage presence, arranging for pop choirs or just "pop choir singing" in general. Those workshops are usually organized by singing associations, academic institutions, festival organizations, etc.


Arranger and composer:

The more contemporary the music, the less likely it is to find arrangements for it. Because of this, I began to arrange the music for my choirs. I first began with mixed 4-part arrangements and continued with arrangements for different line-ups with more diversity. I have arranged for ensembles in Germany, the US, Switzerland, the UK and Poland. I have also distributed some of my compositions.
My work as a composer and arranger is not limited to the a-cappella scene. I have arranged for bands and composed entire works for orchestra and choirs. For example, I created compositions for the project BeVoice, which I supported as the Musical Director in the years of 2011 and 2012.


Musical Director:

Working as a musical director combines the artistic field of a musician with the administrative responsibilities of production. One of my first positions was as the Asst. Musical director of the dinner-cabaret show Palazzo Berlin; next I held the position as the Band and Ensemble manager on Germany’s largest cruise ship MS-MeinSchiff. In that position, my responsibilities included managing the musicians, bands, and cast on-board. I was the one in charge of the musical aspects of the 10 shows we produced in the ship's theater.


For further information and/or booking requests don’t hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Welcome to my homepage.

On this website you can find all information regarding my work as a choir director, workshop docent, business coach and musical performer.

You can just read through these pages to get to know me better, to find out about my upcoming events, to contact me or to glance through the media to see some of the projects I was involved in so far.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


Bastian Holze


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